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Mukhi Delu: Site Introduction

Mukhi Delu is located near the Athamni Khadki, one of the oldest parts of the historic settlement. The building is a composite structure built in the year 1907 consisting of timber framing with intricate wood carving work and brick walls. The three-storeyed structure has not been inhabited, maintained, or repaired for a very long time due to which parts of it had become extremely fragile and were found to be at a risk of collapsing.

CHC commenced work at the Site School in March 2022 with safeguarding the entire ground floor and parts of the first floor. This was followed by the careful dismantling of loose elements of the parapet and roof. The site is now safe for access and is being used to conduct educational workshops and exhibitions to actively engage students, young professionals, heritage enthusiasts and most importantly, the local and diasporic community.

13th August 2021



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