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Kalidas Jethabhai House

Location: Dharmaj, Anand District

Site School since: October 2021

Custodian: Heirs of Kalidas Jethabhai Patel

Site School In-charge: Jigar Rathod



Kalidas Jethabhai House has been adopted as a Conservation Site School at Dharmaj as part of ‘Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative’, a joint effort by Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC), CRDF and Avichal Heritage Foundation to safeguard the heritage of Dharmaj. The site, located within the historic core of Dharmaj, is under the ownership of the heirs of Kalidas Jethabhai Patel. CHC, CRDF and Avichal Heritage Foundation have entered into a financially non-binding agreement with the owners of the house under which CHC will carry out educational and outreach activities at the site and in the process, conserve the building. Once conserved, a new use will be proposed for the site in consultation with the owners and the community.

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