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Your Contribution Matters

Conservation of such sites world over are heavily dependent upon funds from citizens and concerned organizations. We request you to donate generously to this initiative. Your support will be acknowledged on all information disseminated around this initiative through CHC and CRDF web presence, through newsletters and on the site.​

    The Funds generated for the Conservation Site School will be used for the following:

  • Conducting research and material tests for conservation purposes

  • Materials and Labour required for conservation in addition to volunteers

  • Organising awareness events

  • Subsidising educational activities

Well Wishers

Abbas Mansuri I Christopher Benninger I Deepak Kaw I Gaurav Desai I Girish Dariyav Karnawat I Harsh Bafna I M and R I Mehul Bhatt I Muhammad Ahmed Khan I Pervin Desai I P and G I Quaid Doongerwala I Radhika Dhumal I Ratna Shah I Sarvesh Alshi I Shilpa Ranade I Shobhit Tayal I Sunil Alshi I Surya Kakani I Swapna Desai I Trupti

We also like to mention our gratitude to the donors who wished not to disclose their identities.

For donation related queries please write to us on

CRDF is a registered non-profit organization and is not registered under 80G.
A detailed audit of expenses for donors will be provided at request.

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