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Kalidas Jethabhai House: Safeguarding the front wing

In September 2021, a preliminary visual assessment of the site and structure was done through multiple site visits by the CHC team. Based on observations and consultation with structural experts, the team concluded that the front wing of the building can be safeguarded, repaired and eventually, conserved. On the other hand, the back wing is found to be in an extremely dilapidated state and most of it needs to be carefully dismantled keeping its elements and building material safely stored in order to be later used to rebuild the wing.

Safeguarding work at the site was carried out from 13th-16th December 2021, with the support and financial aid of the owners. The front wing has been propped up from the exterior as well as the interior to prevent it from further leaning towards the roadside. The sidewall of the wing facing the open ground has been supported with shoring. Certain areas of the building such as the upper floor of the front wing and the entire back wing were barricaded to ensure the safety of visitors and workers at the site.

13th December 2021


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