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Nagarkhana: Site Introduction

Bhuj Darbargadh has been the capital of the Kutch state since the establishment of Kutch. Kutch has established itself as a superpower and Darbargadh was a symbol of the ultimate authority of the region of Kutch, Saurashtra, and Kathiyawad. Nagarkhana is considered one of the earliest establishments of the Darbargadh. Nagarkhana is the fort gate and the main entrance to the Darbargadh of Bhuj. It used to be a two-storey fort gate where the first storey was used by the musicians who used to play instruments five times a day and the second storey was used more as a spectator's lounge.

Nagarkhana was beautifully ornamented and had references from the last five centuries. Culturally it has references to motifs from the culture of the Kutch, Dutch, Middle Eastern, and Indian Subcontinent. In the 2001 earthquake, the Nagarkhana got heavily damaged with the rest of the Darbargadh. It lost its two stories and the ornament elevation on both sides. After the earthquake the remaining structure was temporarily stabilized through a conventional system.

Late HH MaharaoSaheb Pragmulji III himself took the charge of restoring the Darbargadh starting with Pragmahal. In the year 2021, HH Maharani Saheb Pritidevi of Kutch continued the work starting with the restoration plans of Nagarkhana post demise of HH Maharao Saheb Pragmulji III of Kutch.

Under the custodianship of HH Maharani Pritidevi of Kutch, MMKB Pragmahal initiated a collaboration with Center for Heritage Conservation, CEPT Research and Development Foundation where CHC adopted Nagarkhana as their Site School for academic and research purpose in the year 2022.


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