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Tankshal ni Masjid: MCR studio at Tankshal

The Masters in Conservation and Regeneration program (MCR) at Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University, recently completed their Final Juries and the Winter Exhibition in December 2021. The Urban Regeneration Studio within MCR (CR4001 M21) studied Tankshal, Kalupur, Ahmedabad as their site this semester, from August to December, over 18 weeks. This studio, with the aim of addressing the complex narratives of historic urban sites through the lens of conservation, introduced its participants to tools and methods of documenting, mapping, and assessing cultural assets of a historic city. Two sites were taken up this semester, one at Dharmaj and another in Tankshal, Ahmedabad. The participants engaged with the site, its inhabitants, and the stakeholders responsible for transformation to arrive at a strategy of conservation led urban regeneration. Looking at the area of Tankshal as their site, students held stakeholder consultation sessions and their final juries at Tankshal ni Pol Masjid, CEPT Conservation Site School. The studio also included input sessions, expert lectures and workshops. Urban regeneration is viewed as an all-inclusive action-based process that aims at bringing long-term solutions to urban problems in order to make a significant improvement in the overall condition of a place.

Students' work for this Monsoon '21 Semester can be viewed on CEPT's Portfolio Website.



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