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Conservation Site School: An Initiative by CHC

25 Feb 2020

Ahmedabad as the UNESCO World Heritage City, it becomes imperative to educate and sensitize people about conserving the various heritage sites around the city. Thus, CEPT Research & Development Foundation and Ahmedabad Sunni Muslim WAQF Committee (ASMWC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) wherein they have initiated to run a Conservation Site school that offers short courses to professionals, administrators, site supervisors, crafts people and students for developing an understanding of architectural conservation and urban regeneration. The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC), CRDF will adopt a site in need of conservation interventions/ efforts as the Conservation Site School, run short courses from there and in the process repair, restore the site that can eventually be handed over the owner/ custodian of the site. We expect to raise the funding through Crowd Fund, CSR Funds and voluntary contributions process in order to cover the cost for the Conservation Site School.

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