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CHC as a Panellist - OWH Conference

26 May 2021

The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) participated as a panellist at Diversities and Genders Theme Conference ‘Our World Heritage Initiative’ held on 29th and 30th March. The conference, organised by the Diversities and Genders Group, was paced between five panels. CHC, represented by Dr. Jigna Desai, presented an abstract on 'Counter Stories: A case of Conservation Site Schools in Ahmedabad'. The presentation discussed the narrative of the World Heritage City, the criteria within which the city is inscribed, and in turn the negligence toward presenting the city’s uncomfortable histories. CHC presented the opportunity of using Conservation Site Schools in Ahmedabad to initiate processes of repair, restoration, and upgradation of the site while foregrounding voices of the local community that share narratives of marginalized histories excluded from world heritage. Dr. Desai ends by reflecting, ‘‘In a place that has uncomfortable memories, can the introduction of women’s narratives bring reconciliation?"

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