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‘Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative’ - CHC & AHF

18 Jun 2021

The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) in collaboration with Avichal Heritage Foundation virtually launched the 'Dharmaj Heritage Collaborative' on 13th June 2021. The initiative is an effort to safeguard the heritage of Dharmaj, Gujarat through educational, research and outreach activities. Out of four proposed projects, the commencement of two projects was announced at the launch event.
Project 1: Digital Interactive Map of Heritage Assets - A resource for people who live and have lived in Dharmaj and the Charotar region to be able to access and understand the history and heritage of Dharmaj through a single digital platform.
Project 2: Conservation Site School: Sustainable restoration - A pilot project demonstrating the process of conservation through education and outreach activities, appealing to people who own a house in Dharmaj and want to give it a new life by conserving.

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