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Open House 2.0 at KJH

As part of the Meet at Dharmaj event, held in August 2022, work produced by the students of the Masters in Conservation and Regeneration (MCR) and Masters in Architectural History (AHT) programs, Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University and CEPT Winter School on Heritage and Digital methods of Documentation were exhibited across three sites – Shri M D Sarvajanik Pustkalay (public library in Dharmaj) and CEPT Conservation Site Schools: Kalidas Jethabhai House and Mukhi House. 

In addition to the exhibition of student work, photographs showing the careful dismantling of the back wing of Kalidas Jethabhai House were also exhibited so they could serve as a guide for owners of other heritage buildings in Dharmaj who wish to conserve their respective properties. The material shed that was built on-site to store all the recovered timber was also open to visitors.

Project Gallery

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