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Open House 1.0 at Tankshal-ni-Pol Masjid

The first Open House for CEPT Conservation Site School at Tankshal Ni Pol Masjid was held on 20th February 2021. Following COVID-19 protocols, the on-site sessions were held in four slots with 15 registered participants in three sessions and one being reserved for the local community. The event was planned to display measure drawings of the site, an introduction video to site school, a presentation on the potential of the mosque as women's space, gather local narratives from the site's neighbours and former residents that attended the event, and conclude with an online session for individuals that could not make it to site. Local participation added to the success of the event by initiating interaction and awareness amongst the site’s neighbours while extracting some very interesting histories.

The guest speaker, Dr. Tutin Aryanti presented On Segregation and Patronage: Making Women’s Space in Indonesian Mosques, which lent a new perspective to the site. Dr. Aryanti, Ph.D. is Head of the Architecture Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. An online session was held at the end of the day where Dr. Jigna Desai presented a background of the initiative. The session concluded with remarks from Nigar Shaikh, Site School In-Charge, noting the way forward with future initiatives and the activities planned by the team. This event was made possible by the efforts of the CHC Team, volunteers, experts that contributed their time, and stakeholders who lent their insights during the preparatory phases of this initiative.

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