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Open House 2.0 at Tankshal-ni-Pol Masjid

On 1st December, from 3pm onwards, the site was opened up for individuals from the community around and other interested individuals to visit: Open House 2.0. The event was preceded by final juries of students enrolled in the Urban Regeneration Program at the Masters of Conservation and Regeneration (MCR) at FA, CEPT University. This pre-event set the stage for students to invite the site's neighbours and individuals they had interacted with during their mapping and community consultation sessions during the semester.

Open House 2.0 displayed four types of data for visitors to engage with. The first display was select 3D output data from the 3D LiDAR Scanning Workshop held in March 2021. The processed scans were translated into usable outputs in the process of digital documentation, and put on display for visitors to observe the stages that follow the scanning workshop and data registration. The second display was a calendar of events over the last 'One Year at Site School' which showed the collaborators' (CHC and ASMWC) initiatives over a first year at Site School. The third display was a film: Counter Spaces: A Case Study of Conservation Site Schools in Ahmedabad. This film, authored by Dr. Jigna Desai, Nigar Shaikh, and Zeus Pithawalla was awarded an Honorary Mention for the Gender and Diversity's Open Call within Our World Heritage. The fourth display was select work from the pre-event's final juries by MCR students. This gave the students a platform to showcase their work and get inputs from the local community and other visitors that attended the Open House.

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