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Safeguarding & Careful Dismantling

In September 2021, the CHC team in consultation with structural experts has carried out a visual assessment of the site condition and has worked out a phase-wise strategy for safeguarding the structure that involves strutting along the wooden beams and careful dismantling of the parapet.

Safeguarding: Phase 1 (24-25 March 2022)

Deflected beams on the ground floor have been supported by wall plates running along either side of each beam. The intention is to offload the beams to avoid further deterioration of the structure. This was carried out by strutting the area using MS props and adjustable jacks. The struts were also braced horizontally. Visitors were invited to the site during the safeguarding process to understand and learn about the Conservation Site School initiative at Dharmaj. Safety protocols were strictly followed at the site by the CHC team as well as visitors.

Dismantling (12-15 April 2022)

During the safeguarding, it was observed that elements of the third floor parapet of the building were in a severely dilapidated and precarious condition. These elements were carefully removed through a systematic process of dismantling carried out under close supervision of the CHC team.

Safeguarding: Phase 2 (7 June 2022)

This was followed by the second phase of safeguarding which included strutting the entrance area of the building first floor balcony, using a strategy similar to the one in the first phase.

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