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YHEP 1.0

The Young Heritage Explorers Program (YHEP), designed and conceptualised by Prof. Gauri Bharat at CHC, aims to introduce young people to heritage sites and educate them about the significance of history and conservation in our contemporary lives. As part of this program, school students of H.M.Patel English Medium School were invited to Shri M.D. Sarvajanik Pustkalay (public library in Dharmaj) to take part in activities designed for young students with the aim of spreading awareness on the urgent need for conservation of heritage in our fast changing world. The Young Heritage Explorers Program was organised with the support of Dharmaj Kelavani Mandal.

Considering the rate at which our heritage structures are fast disappearing, the YHEP workshops are conducted with the aim to teach them basic concepts through a series of fun activities and games. Participants were given specially designed kits containing items that would be needed for the workshop. The YHEP workshops at Dharmaj are currently being funded by the heirs of Kalidas Jethabhai Patel.

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