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YHEP - Involving the Youth

YHEP, known as the Young Heritage Explorers’ Program, is an initiative by the Center for Heritage Conservation, CRDF, Ahmedabad, India. The aim of the program is to introduce young people to heritage sites and educate them about the significance of history and heritage conservation in our contemporary lives.

The center identifies the parts of the city or town that are of historical significance but are obscure or neglected, and workshops are conducted on such sites. During the workshops, participants are provided with interactive kits that contain puzzles, postcards, maps, etc., designed by the CHC team. These kits and activities conducted involving architectural drawings, models, and details of heritage structures help children engage with the heritage of their city in innovative ways.

The program also creates awareness about the technologies and modern methods that are used to document and conserve heritage. CHC, in collaboration with The Hive, organised the YHEP led by Dr. Gauri Bharat on 25th, 26th and 27th December 2021. School students learnt about the fort wall of Ahmedabad, the concepts of building stepwells and historic narratives of traders through heritage walks, games, stories and site visits.

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