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The use of 3D LiDAR Scanning

Advancement in technologies are opening up new ways of data capture, processing and representation of information. Digital tools such as 3D scanning are providing increasingly detailed and accurate information within a relatively shorter time span. The workshop at Tankshal-ni-Pol Masjid in March 2021 focused on the technical and practical aspects of 3D LiDAR Scanning technology. The topics included the basics of LiDAR operations, prerequisites for site preparation, an overview of data collection and post-processing. Additionally, the workshop featured live demonstrations of the FARO x330 scanner by the experts. This workshop was organised in collaboration with Shayona Management Services Pvt. Ltd. – a specialised agency in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and LiDAR Scanning.

The first day entailed an introduction to the principles of documentation and recording, 3D LiDAR Scanning Technology, its application, and the prerequisites of the scanning process. The second day focused on scanning of the site's interior. Participants were introduced to the 3D scanner and allied equipment; operations and handling of the equipment and setting of the scanning points. The third day focused on the structure's exterior along with understanding the limitations and challenges. The day ended with a demonstration of the data collection process by the experts. The workshop concluded on the fourth day with a data processing session involving the basics of software processing and extraction of point cloud data to AutoCAD as a sample demonstration. The scanning outputs were later presented in Open House 2.0 where various techniques and data types were explored.

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