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MCR Studio at Mukhi Delu

Mukhi Delu was opened to second semester students of the Masters in Conservation and Regeneration (MCR) course, Faculty of Architecture, from CEPT University. The CHC team shared their experience of working with the building and the conservation activities that were carried out at the site like the safeguarding, careful dismantling of dilapidated and out-of-plumb portions, treatment on wooden members to prevent infestation by termites, as well as the learnings and challenges, to give them real-world exposure. 

A group of six students manually documented and assessed the condition of the wooden structure under the guidance of the course faculty, Khushi Shah and training associate Sneha Anand. Benny Kuriakose, a Conservation Architect and expert in wooden architecture, visited the site and helped the students assess the structure. Interactive sessions with the locals and stakeholders were organised to help the students achieve a holistic understanding of the area and come up with strategies for conservation as well as proposals for an alternate use for the structure.

Project Gallery

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