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MCR Orientation

To kickstart the Monsoon 2021 semester, an orientation session was held for students enrolled in the Masters in Conservation and Regeneration (MCR) at the Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University. This orientation was held at Tankshal-ni-Pol Masjid, a site school that students would engage with during the next year of their study at the university.

The orientation had a few activities planned over the 2-hour session. It started with an introduction to Site Schools, where Dr. Jigna Desai introduced the initiatives and Nigar Shaikh and Zeus Pithawalla spoke about the range of events planned at the Site School since its inception. MCR's tutors discussed educational activities that were to follow in the upcoming semester. Students were given a platform to question and inquire about the course structures, deliverables, and the tutor's expectations of their efforts and learning outcomes. At the end of the orientation, an ice-breaker session between the students & tutors was organised. The teaching associates for semesters 1 and 3, Deepthi Varghese and Zeus Pithawalla led this ice-breaker session, reflecting on their learnings and reservations from the MCR program, and fun experiences at CEPT.

The site therefore acted as a platform to orient and organise the upcoming processes of education in the MCR program. For the rest of the year, students repeatedly visitedTankshal-ni-Pol Masjid for various activities and workshops, and many selected Tankshal as their third semester urban regeneration site.

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