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MCR - Urban Regeneration Studio at Tankshal

The Urban Regeneration Studio within the Masters in Conservation and Regeneration (MCR) program at CEPT University, studied Tankshal-ni-Pol Masjid, Ahmedabad as their site over 18 weeks from July to December 2021. The students conducted community discussions, and completed their Final Juries and the Winter Exhibition.

This studio, with the aim of addressing the complex narratives of historic urban sites through the lens of conservation, introduced students to tools and methods of documenting, mapping, and assessing cultural assets of a historic city. They engaged with the site, its inhabitants, and the stakeholders responsible for transformation to arrive at a strategy of conservation-led urban regeneration. 

Over the semester, students looked at archival material and records to create a timeline and succession maps of Tankshal, followed by mapping exercises for various layers and assets in the neighborhood. As a part of these processes, they engaged with a variety of stakeholders (shop owners, present and former residents, visitors who come to the commercial area to purchase for personal/business requirements, and individuals involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the area). The exercise of community engagement involved understanding the voices of Tankshal-ni-Pol. The engagement sessions were held on the plinth in front of Tankshal-ni-Pol Masjid, and at a chowk in a neighboring lane. 

Students reflected on their takeaways from these community engagement sessions, gaining a more nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by communities living within historic neighborhoods. Further, on 1st December, students had completed their semester projects and presented their outputs in the final jury and open house. Individuals that students interacted with during these community engagement sessions were invited for the Open House to close the learning outcomes circle, and explain their projects to the locals.

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