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Directed Research Project based on KJH

The Masters in Conservation and Regeneration (MCR) course requires fourth semester students to undertake a Directed Research Project (DRP). Rathod Jigar Ajaybhai chose to conduct research on the material characterisation at one of the CEPT Conservation Site Schools, Kalidas Jethabhai House. The findings of this research can be used to create compatible mixes for masonry that can be used in the restoration of the house.  

The research project titled, “Understanding the material fabric of Kalidas Jethabhai House through the characterisation process,” was aimed at understanding the different materials used in the building, the alterations made over time, and their behaviours. Samples of mortar, plaster and bricks were collected and tested to know the composition of materials and their strength. Studies were conducted to understand their mineralogical, physical and chemical properties.

Project Gallery

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